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September 26, 2014

Cheap Cytotec Uk

Sometimes a girl just has to pamper herself. And why not? I had just returned from seven weeks of traveling around the country in a 21 foot RV with three teenager girls and a dog that we rescued off an Indian reservation in Arizona to gather material for my upcoming book. […]
October 2, 2014

Buy Provigil 100Mg Online

I recognized the expression on the vet’s face when he called me into the office. I’d seen it before, the “I am now going to turn off my emotions look” in order to tell this woman something really, really bad that is going to make her cry hard and a […]
October 3, 2014

Can I Buy Amoxicillin In Spain

The first time I saw my husband after he died was at his funeral. When it was my turn to enter the church, all 900 pairs of eyes on the widow, the Reverend handed me a black box and gave me a look that said, “Ready, set, go.”   Apparently […]
October 4, 2014

Buy Cytotec In South-Africa

Even without Mark, my late husband and the father of our oh… so… charming… teenage daughters, we are still the Fahrenthold-Pittmans and we are still a family. Nell will still tap her fingers to annoy Susannah, who will still yell, “Momma,” in a fake Southern accent to mock her frustration […]
October 12, 2014

Cialis With Dapoxetine Online

The nice thing about Mark-in-a-Box is that he could go anywhere, anytime. In fact, we were part of a growing trend. In 2010, an estimated 38.15% of America’s deceased were cremated, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. Not surprisingly, therefore, the practice of scattering cremains in unusual, non-traditional (and […]
October 14, 2014

Buy Provigil Singapore

SheKnows Media, an award-winning women’s lifestyle media platform and family of top lifestyle sites, just signed MY BLOGS for their website! This means my columns will appear before 75 million unique visitors a month!   The SheKnows Media sites range from entertainment and parenting to beauty and food. Their mission is […]
October 20, 2014

Buying Dapoxetine Online

My daughter actually let me kiss her forehead and hold her in my arms Sunday morning. What’s more, real words spoken in the English language were actually exchanged between said 15-year-old and me as we sipped hot tea together on the back deck.   I did the math: Nell said close […]
October 22, 2014

Buy Dapoxetine Online

Groucho Marx put it best in saying he didn’t care to belong to any club that would have him as a member. I felt the exact opposite when I was approached this spring to be on the board of the Bereavement Center of Westchester. It has been an absolute honor to serve […]
October 28, 2014

Provigil Online Buy Uk

I had the most romantic date last weekend…   Even though it was the first time we ever met, it felt like I had reunited with a long-lost friend. Perhaps he had gone to war or moved away for business or something. All I know is he felt gone, but […]
November 12, 2014

Best Place To Buy Provigil Online 2013

As I straddle the role of being both mother and father, disciplinarian and softie, I learn that we are still a family despite ourselves. My friends call me Mr. Laura, although the politically correct term for a widow is what I call being an only parent.   You see, single […]
November 21, 2014

Can You Purchase Amoxicillin Online

Early on, everything reminded me of Mark because I needed everything to remind me of my late husband. Touch, move, or clean something that he touched or moved (he rarely cleaned) and I could feel my muscles tighten as I asked to please not take his coat off the chair […]
December 10, 2014

Priligy Uk Cheap

You can’t die from a broken heart, meaning it may feel as though the pain will never go away, but eventually, it does.   This is what I told a despondent friend who recently learned his boyfriend had been cheating on him with his best friend’s brother. How quaint…   As David sat crying […]
January 19, 2015

Where Can I Buy Cytotec In Abu Dhabi

January 22, 2015

Generic Dapoxetine Online

It’s official. I am bored with winter as we haven’t even had our first Nor’ Easter. We Upstate New Yorkers don’t feel it’s really winter until the first big one hits. Otherwise, it’s just cold outside with nothing to compare anything to. But hold onto your ski hats. We might get slammed this weekend, according […]
January 25, 2015

Purchase Priligy

A few years into the single life after being widowed, I realized most people just don’t want to be in committed relationships with each other so much anymore. Women say especially men. There’s not a lot of reason to when they can order up a new and different hottie in less […]