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Prescribing Cytotec Tablets Australia

February 1, 2015

Pillow Talk

Note to Daughters Put Under Their Pillows This Morning: Look out the window and always say good morning to the world. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Be happy for what you have, don’t cry for what you want. Walk the dog. Don’t define yourself by others’ […]
February 8, 2015

The Vole in the Bowl

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a scream quite like it.   It was a mix of giggling, shrieking and yelping for help that sounded kinda like this: “Eeeyyaaauuugghhhheewlp!”   There stood my 15-year-old on the orange leather dining chair, far from the kitchen where she kept pointing with trembling index finger. It […]
April 15, 2015

Welcome to My Blog

Hi. I’m Laura. I’ve been a crime reporter at the New York Daily News; a private investigator (that was a cool job); a features editor at Woman’s World Magazine where I interviewed more than 50,000 women; and a press secretary for an elected official in a city of 198,000. Life was going along great […]