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June 17, 2018
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July 11, 2018
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My Daughter’s Apartment Saga is Over

OK. My daughter’s apartment saga is over.
(I’m actually a little teary as I write this.)
I went to look at it and was not exactly thrilled by the building. Or the money that I had to come up with for it, including finding out that the apartment has… electric heat! Ka-Ching!
But throughout my posts (more than 1.5 thousand hits and comments), I came to realize I was not addressing the real point.
The real point was that I needed to speak to her openly and honestly about what it takes to be an adult in this world and how hard we all have to work to maintain our lives. And our sanity, LOL!
Some of us are divorced. Many of us are married. Some of us are widowed. But the point is that we are mostly all parents in this together or have parents we tortured as teenagers.
In our particular case, I explained she can’t expect me to produce flying unicorns out of my you-know-what by asking me to come up with two checks for a total of $3,500 AND drive her to the city by 5 pm in two hours time!
I think she grew up overnight from the heartfelt conversation because today, she started a job at a gardening company!
This, my friends, was one of my most proud parenting moments. Being able to show vulnerability and have it be respected.

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