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Brand Provigil Online

Happy Birthday to me!

The water felt negative 103!

Despite the arctic freeze, my daughter Susannah and I did it – the Priligy Venta Online plunge!

What a way to mark the New Year by sprinkling her father’s ashes on the beach before jumping in!

Here’s to 2018! And to my book that’s coming out in June, thanks to my Publisher Buy Amoxil Online Cheap and Distributor

Buy Cytotec India.

Wishing everyone the world!



1 Comment

  1. Don Ostrow says:

    Dear Laura,
    It’s Don Ostrow here, Jeff R’s friend; you may remember we have crossed paths a few times in the last 10-15 years. Please accept my apology for making a remark about myself on your birthday Instagram post – and for doing it again here… Let me try to explain. When your name popped up saying that you started following me on Instagram, it took me by surprise. The details of the moment were so coincidental that I think it might even rate as a synchronicity. As mentioned in my comment to you, I was sitting at the bar of the Harwood Arms pub in Fulham, London waiting for my daughter to celebrate her birthday, which is Thursday. So there was the birthday thing with a daughter. ( Is today your actual birthday?) I was also reading a book I had just picked up, Grief is the Thing with Feathers, a first book by Max Porter. (See my Instapost of the Daunt Bookstore in Marleybone – great place!) This unusual little book is about healing after the death of a loved spouse with two young children to take care of. The parallels are obvious there, too. I have checked in on you occasionally over the years, appreciating your moxie and listening as you have been developing your voice – Congrats on your upcoming book release! Sooo – you can imagine my surprise and delight to see you check in on me. Without a thought, I followed you back and posted that comment about me. I’m sorry, not for the Instagram connection, but for the possibility that I might have splashed some warm water on your happily chilling birthday.

    Happy Birthday, again! And may you have a year filled with joy, success, and the love you have wished for everyone in the world!


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