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Day One: My Mother’s in Town– For a Week!
May 15, 2015
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May 20, 2015
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Day Two: My Mother’s in Town– For a Week!

This morning, I realized how much I truly love and missed my mother as we sipped our coffee together. Normally, our family’s all at the beach house or gathered for a holiday, but now it was just the two of us having a slow, uninterrupted morning. I think the birds were even singing.


“Oops. Excuse me,” I said to my Mom, smiling sweetly.


Even though she was sitting right next to me, she could not hear me.


“What?” she asked, as I handed her the salt.


“I said excuse me.”


“What? I can’t hear you honey. I left my hearing aids upstairs.” This makes my Mom sound like an old lady which is anything but true. She has more energy than I do! Also less gray hair!


“Never mind, Mom. It’s ok,” I said really loudly this time, hoping to end the exchange.


“You know I hate it when you do that. The hard of hearing don’t like it when people don’t follow through on what they are saying.”


For the record, my Mom is not heard of hearing necessarily. She just uses hearing aids to boost the sound. It is completely annoying that the devices don’t work as well as they should and it makes me feel which guilty for getting angry when all the “what’s” fly back and forth.


I counted them yesterday: 62.


“I said excuse me!” I almost yelled this time.




She finally heard me. Why are we having so much back and forth over something that is well, frankly, embarrassing.


“Because I passed gas,” I admitted to her, and now to you too.


“You what?” she said.




“Because you what?”




“You want me to turn on the gas?” she asked, turning up the knob on the stove to reheat the water.


“Yes, I wanted you to turn the gas on the stove. Thank you!”


“Oh, ok honey,” she said.


While she might be a little hard of hearing, she still has her other senses. And a few keen ones at that.


“I think I smell gas,” she said. “You better turn off the stove!”


  1. Amanda Luke says:

    I’m going through that with my parents, too 🙂

  2. rosemary macdonald says:

    where’s the beach house ?

  3. gitte Brix says:

    Too funny!!!!!

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