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Seeing this picture of my daughter brought me back to that special time. 

Friends Kim and Gerard Sava provided temporary foster care for 47 brand new babies awaiting adoption by keeping their door and their hearts open for more than five years. Some babies only stayed for a few hours or overnight. Others were there for a few days or weeks. A couple of them were there for several months. But in the end, each and every one of them found families to love them forever. 

One of the most beautiful parts was seeing Nell take to each of them like a mother to her baby birds. She was age 11 in this photo and still remembers each baby’s name and special things about them.

And here she is right now– today– at age 18 while traveling in India on a photography program through college. This was taken at a school they visited one day. The love she has in her heart matches Kim’s. Happy Sunday! 






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